Boys Junior Varsity Water Polo, Boys Varsity Water Polo · Eagles’ Shoot Outs Secures Them 2nd in East Grand Rapids Polo Tourney

This weekend the Eagles headed to East Grand Rapids where the Pioneers hosted Ann Arbor Huron, Hudsonville, Rockford, Grandville, Okemos, Chicago Park District, East Kentwood and Saline. The Eagles finished with a 3-1 record, securing 2nd place, with 2 of their wins coming from shoot out victories.

East Grand Rapids

Hudsonville started the weekend off with a match against host East Grand Rapids. Neither team’s offense were able to produce much in the first quarter, with both team’s defense holding the other to a single goal. Hudsonville’s single goal game on a 5 meter penalty shot which was drawn by Jason Dalman and taken by Noah Beyer.

That changed in the second when Hudsonville’s Harrison Friar won the sprint and quickly connected with Austin Atwood to score a quick goal on the first possession. That was the first of 3 unanswered Eagle goals of the second quarter. The first half ended with the Eagle’s holding a 4-1 lead over the Pioneers.

East Grand Rapids came out strong in the second half, and after a back and forth third quarter they had managed to narrow Hudsonville’s lead to 6-4. The Pioneers managed to win the sprint to start the fourth quarter with possession, and within the first few minutes #14 Liam Anderson had put up 2 unanswered goals to tie the game up at 6 with 2 minutes left in regulation play.

With the clock counting down, leaving only enough time for 2 or 3 possessions, the Hudsonville defense managed to shut down the Pioneers, with goalie Gerrit Baker quickly transitioning to connect with Jason Dalman on a full pool pass to quickly score 2 additional goals, ending the game up 8-6.

Leading the scoring for the Eagles was Noah Beyer putting up 4 goals. He was closely followed by Jason Dalman with 3 goals and an assist, with Austin Atwood contributing the remaining goal. Gerrit Baker and Lucas Petzold both contributed 2 assists while Caden Riegel and Harrison Friar both assisted with 1.

Ann Arbor Huron

Saturday started with the 6th ranked Eagles facing the 7th ranked Ann Arbor Huron River Rats. The Rats’ offense were first on the board with a goal by #16 that deflected off of Baker’s arm and then, for a moment, perched precariously on the goal line while Baker and Dalman unsuccessfully attempted to swat it away. The quarter ended with that being the only goal, and with what many thought was Hudsonville’s Austin Atwood being rolled (ejected for the remainder of this game and the next). The confusion was eventually cleared up and Austin returned to the pool in the third.

The second and third quarters say Huron’s #16 continue his strong play, giving the Rat’s another 3 goals, while Jason Dalman and Noah Beyer each scored making it 2-4 going into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth, Hudsonville’s defense, lead by goalie Gerrit Baker, managed to shut-down Huron’s offense allowing no goals. On the other end of the pool Anthony Shepard scored his first goal of the game to bring the Eagles within one. With under 2 minutes left in regulation play Lucas Petzold connected with Noah Beyer for the goal to tie the game up at 4.

After a couple of scoreless possessions by each team there’s now 8 seconds left on the clock, Hudsonville has possession, and Huron has just committed a double kick out, removing their goalie and a field player from play. With a field player now covering the goal, the Eagles have a 3 man advantage in the field of play, but the tough defense and dwindling clock proved more than could be overcome, and with a tie score it was time for a shoot out.

With Hudsonville’s coach Josh Ahrendt turned in his chair facing away from the pool, Jason Dalman took the pool for the Eagle’s, with a shot that went just wide of the goal. First up for Huron was #16 who had scored all of their goals in regulation play. Baker was unable to stop to shot, which gave the lead back to the Rat’s 4-5.

Ethan Jones found the back of the net for the Eagle’s in round 2, and with Baker blocking #9’s shot the score was again tied.

Round 3. Drew Boeve gets his goal for the Eagles. Huron’s #9 gets blocked by Baker, giving the Eagles a 6-5 lead.

In round 4 Lucas Petzold made another Hudsonville goal, with Huron’s #5 also making his.

Going into the final round it was Hudsonville 7, Huron 6. Noah Beyer swam to the 5 meter line for the Eagles. If Noah makes the shot he clinches the 8-6 come back win for the Eagles, miss and it all falls to Baker to get another stop. With the weight of the game on his shoulders, Beyer treaded up and riffled a shot to the far side of the cage, past the Huron goalie, securing the win for the Eagles.

Scoring for the Eagles were Noah Beyer with 3, Lucas Petzold with 1 and 2 assists, Ethan Jones and Jason Dalman each with 1 goal and 1 assist, with Drew Boeve and Anthony Sheppard both scoring 1 goal.

Rockford Rams

After taking first in their pool of teams, Hudsonville’s first opponent after the shuffling was top ranked Rockford. Rockford won the first quarter 0-2, which actually ties the Eagle’s best first quarter performance against the Rams this season with other meetings ending in 0-2, 1-5, 1-5, and 1-6 first quarters.

The Eagles were unable to continue their relatively strong defensive start, and were ultimately not able to produce much offensively either. The game ended in a 2-10 defeat.

Scorers for the Eagles were Drew Boeve and Ethan Jones. Assists for those goals came from Noah Beyer and Gerrit Baker, respectively.

Chicago Park District

The final match-up was to determine 2nd place against out of state Chicago Park District. It was the first team the teams had faced each other, and it was a very physical match, with the referees calling multiple double exclusions, with multiple players from both teams fouling out. Among those ranks for the Eagles were Ethan Jones at the end of the third, and Anthony Shepard half way through the fourth.

Ethan Jones started the Eagles off scoring 2 goals in the first quarter, the first on a 6-5 assisted by Anthony Shepard, the second on a 5 meter shot drawn by Noah Beyer. The first quarter ended with a 2-1 lead for Hudsonville.

Hudsonville added another 3 goals to CPD’s 1 in the second, and in the third both teams added one along with CPD’s head coach getting a yellow card while protesting a kick out. At the start of the fourth quarter Hudsonville held a 6-3 lead.

With CPD converting on the kick out which removed Shepard from the game, and Drew Boeve quickly answering back with his own goal, the score was 7-4 with 3 minutes left to play. CPD called a timeout and rallied their troops, leading to a run of 3 unanswered goals to make it 7-7 with 1:10 left on the game clock. After a couple of quick possessions, neither team was able to finish the game and it was once again another Hudsonville shoot out.

With Ethan Jones removed from the game and Lucas Petzold absent, the Eagles added Chase Miller and Austin Atwood to their line up. With Josh’s chair once again turned, Atwood took to the 5 meter line.

Round 1 and Atwood’s shot was good temporarily making it 8-7. CPD’s #14 answered right back with a quick goal of his own bringing it to 8-8.

Round 2 started with Jason Dalman making his goal for the Eagles while CPD’s #13 made a very quick scope shot with treading up which happened before anyone realized it. Score still tied at 9.

Round 3 and Drew Boeve added another Hudsonville goal with Gerrit Baker blocking the shot by CPD’s #12.

Noah Beyer made his shot for round 4 giving Hudsonville a 11-9 edge. If Baker could get his fourth shoot out block of the weekend he would win it for his team. The crowd was silent with anticipation as CPD’s #4 took his spot on the 5 meter line. The ref’s whistle blew, and the crowd erupted as Baker blocked the shot to give Hudsonville the win and the second place finish.

Scoring for the Eagles were Drew Boeve with 3 goals and 1 assist, Ethan Jones with 2 goals and 1 assist, Austin Atwood also had 2 goals, Anthony Shepard put up a goal and 2 assists, Chase Miller has 1 goal and 1 assist, with Jason Dalman and Noah Beyer rounding out the scoring with a goal a piece. Goalie Gerrit Baker put up 14 saves, including 2 shoot out blocks, and an assist.

Shoot Outs

Assistant coach Bordewyk giving head coach Ahrendt a play by play of the on-going shoot out
Assistant coach Bordewyk giving head coach Ahrendt a play by play of the on-going shoot out

Hudsonville managed to secure its third shoot out victory of the season this weekend, all of which happened with Head Coach Josh Ahrendt’s back turned.

“The first shoot out I coached was for a team to get into the Junior Olympics in California”, explained Ahrendt. “It was intense and I couldn’t watch, and we ended up winning it. It worked, so I did it again against Jenison, which worked again. I’ll just keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore.”

Coming Up

On Monday the Eagles head to East Kentwood, and on Wednesday have a home district game against 8th ranked Zeeland. If you can’t make it to a game you can follow @HHSWaterPolo for live scoring updates.