Multiple Teams · Hudsonville Competitive Cheer Competes for a District Title Tonight at Grandville

Last year at the district competition the Hudsonville varsity competitive cheer team missed the opportunity to advance to regionals by .04.  The disappointing 5th place finish last season has motivated the team all season long, and tonight they are looking for redemption.

Throughout the 2016 season, the Eagles have steadily improved and progressed in round one and two.  Finishing a strong third in the very competitive OK Red has prepared them for tonight.

Early in the season, they were struggling with sticking their tucks in round two.  But over the past few weeks round two has been getting stronger and stronger. They’ve seen steady improvement and their scores have been increasing from week to week. They are currently in the top ten for highest scores in the state for Division 1 in both round one and round two.

Round three has been the achilles heel all season. The team has struggled to hit their difficult stunts in round three. They have had  strong rounds on particular days, but have yet to have three solid rounds on the same day. They are looking forward to making it all come together tonight at the district meet at Granville.  The top four teams advance to Regionals.

Also, if you have not seen the article in MLive on Leilani Brander and the cheer team here is the link: