Eagles News · Hudsonville Athletics Phase In Plan for Voluntary Conditioning Starts Tomorrow June 15

We are excited about having some student athletes on campus tomorrow, but we are also want to ensure all student athletes are safe along with our trainers and coaches. We will be focusing on screening, social distancing, and sanitation as we welcome our student athletes back on campus. Please make note of what every student athlete needs to bring tomorrow which is highlighted in red in this document.  I have also included the conditioning schedule for tomorrow.

Hudsonville Athletic Phase-In Plan and Expectations

It is vital to the health and safety of everyone that our athletes and staff are fully conscious of these expectations at all times and take responsibility for following these guidelines seriously.

Key Principles:

  • All Hudsonville coaching staff will meet with the Athletic Director and Athletic Trainers to learn new procedures and protocols. 
  • Parent/Guardian communication and education.
  • Screening procedures for Staff and Student-Athletes. 
    • Daily symptom and temperature screening assessment will be required of all participants.
  • There will be a max of 100 people at any organized activity, including coaches and staff during this phase.
  • All in-person strength and conditioning will be outdoors during Step 1. 
    • No use of indoor facilities allowed for athletic purposes.
  • No use of sports balls during this phase.
  • Limiting personal interaction 
    • Face-to-face interaction and person-to-person contact will be limited to essential activities that cannot be performed in an alternative (virtual or remote) fashion.  
      • When such activities are required, social distancing and other infection-spreading mitigating measures will be emphasized.
  • Hygiene 
    • Hand washing will be emphasized before and after activities when practicable. 
    • Hand sanitizer will be available during activities.
  • Cleaning and sanitation
    • Routine and enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures will be implemented.
  • Safe access to outdoor facilities 
    • Outdoor facility entry and exit points will be coordinated to minimize personal interaction and facilitate social distancing. 
    • Drop off times will be staggered to prevent social gatherings.






We will conduct a virtual coaches’ meeting to discuss new COVID19 guidelines (Wednesday, June 10th at 6:30pm).

Coaches are required to meet with their designated Athletic Trainer (AT) either virtually or in-person (with masks if indoors) to go over procedures specific to their team before starting the Phase 1 process.

Coaches will need to assist in communicating to athletes and parents what the Phase-in process will entail.



The Hudsonville Athletics website will have all up-to-date information regarding return to campus plan and safety measures.

An Email from the Athletic Director will be sent to parents/guardians outlining return to campus protocol.

The Athletic Director/Athletic Trainers will produce an informational video posted to social media outlets to remind the staff and athletes of a return to sports plan.  

Student-athletes will be required to connect with their coach before arriving at their first session.

Complete the screening questionnaire online and take student-athlete’s temperature (record on the screening questionnaire) before arrival.

Must wear a nose and mouth face covering while cleaning hands and getting a temperature screen.

Use hand-sanitizer or hand washing station prior to reaching the screening station.

Get temperature screened by Hudsonville staff prior to beginning workout.




  • Vulnerable or individuals with “high risk conditions” should not participate in this phase of workouts unless cleared by their physician.
  • All staff and student athletes will wear a mask upon arrival to the hand cleansing station. 
    • They will continue to wear it until finished with the temperature screening process. 
    • Upon entering into an open space, they can put their mask with their belongings.
  • If a staff member or student athlete has a temperature of 100.3 degrees or higher, they will be isolated in their vehicle.
    • If they are a student athlete, parents will be called, and if no vehicle is available, they will be put in a designated area away from others until a parent/guardian can pick them up.
  • Both student athletes and staff will sanitize their hands before and after workout.
    •   There will be multiple hand sanitizing stations spread out in all conditioning and skills areas to be available for sanitizing during workouts.
  • There will be no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, back slaps, hugs or any other physical contact.
  • 6-feet social distancing preferred while actively exercising.
  • Staff and student athletes are highly encouraged to return home immediately after workouts to shower and practice good hygiene.



  • Backpack or duffle bag (no locker room available)
  • Wear appropriate strength and conditioning clothing
  • Filled water bottle with name clearly labeled (No sharing of any water bottles)
  • Small cooler with extra water/snacks
  • Face covering/mask that covers nose and mouth for check-in process
  • Spectrum Health Consent to Treat filled out and signed by parent/guardian


Optional Supplies to bring:

  1. Small/pocket size container of personal hand sanitizer 
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Bug Spray
  4. Extra t-shirt
  5. Extra tennis shoes for running if different from lifting
  6. Extra pair of socks
  1. Small towel


  • Staff will sign in to the HPS Google Classroom each day they plan to be on campus with students and complete the screening process from their phone or home device before arriving at the school facility.  (Athletic Trainers or Athletic Director will check staff)
  • Staff will stay home if they answered “YES” to any (symptom) questions or if they do not feel well. Staff will need to call the Athletic Director if they are ill.
  • Staff will wash hands upon arrival and use available hand sanitizer throughout the workout on a regular basis.
  • Staff will get temperature checked by an Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director and attempt to keep social distancing at all times. 
  • Staff will wear a nose/mouth face covering and gloves if helping with the temperature screening process for athletes.
  • Staff will bring their own labeled water bottle.


    • Athletes will check in and complete the screening process each day from their home computer or phone before arriving. 
      • All student athletes must take their temperature at home.
      • Our training staff and coaches will verify temperatures again onsite. 
    • Athletes will stay home if they answered “YES” to any (symptom) screening questions, they have a fever of 100.3 degrees or above, or if they do not feel well.
    • Student athletes will have pre-designated entry and exit of the facilities. These will be timed/spaced appropriately to minimize gatherings.
    • Student athletes will get in the check-in line and keep social distance at all times.
    • Student athletes will wear a nose/mouth covering mask before they enter the hand cleansing area. Student athletes will then wash their hands in designated areas, one at a time. 
    • Student athletes will have their temperature taken by a member of staff.  Any athlete with a temperature of 100.3 degrees or above will be sent home.


  • All student athletes who are cleared to participate in physical activity will be given a sticker to wear.


  • 6-Feet Rule – Maintain 6-feet of space between each other. This includes lift groups, run groups, drill groups and common areas.
  • Physical Contact – Limit physical contact with others. Do not shake hands, hug, fist-bump, high five etc.
  • Restrooms – No use of restrooms during Step 1.  
  • Hydration – Water will not be provided for athletes. 
    • Student athletes will be required to bring their own labeled water bottles.  
    • They are prohibited from sharing water bottles. 


Disinfection and Sanitation

Facilities Cleaning – athletic facilities will be disinfected and sanitized per CDC and OSHA guidelines, before, periodically during (every 2 hours), and after strength and conditioning/sport specific drills. Emphasis will be given to ensuring disinfecting high touch surfaces and surfaces that are used by multiple student-athletes, disinfecting between users.

Strength training equipment will be sanitized after each use and before a new athlete uses it.  Spray bottles and cleaning towels will be at each station so that staff and athletes can spray and wipe after they use the equipment.

Enhanced Cleaning – specific isolation areas in which an individual with a confirmed COVID-19 positive has been identified will undergo enhanced disinfection per CDC and industry guidelines.



  • Sanitation supplies delivered, installed, and placed in predetermined places
  • Trash Cans delivered and placed strategically for paper towels and other trash
  • Spectrum and CDC Social Distancing Signs, Symptom Signs, Hand washing signs, Check in Signs will be posted clearly
  • Sidewalks will be marked for social distancing spots during check in process
  • Indoor Facilities marked for social distancing spots after check in process
  • Social distancing markings installed for each strength/conditioning station and throughout workout area
  • Hand Sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the workout area for use



  • If a staff member or athlete reports having symptoms on the symptom screen, they must stay home. 
    • Staff will contact the Athletic Director and athletes will contact an Athletic Trainer. 
    • The Athletic Director and/or Athletic Trainers will then forward the information below to the staff member or parents of the student-athlete with symptoms.
  • If a staff member or student athlete has symptoms or a temperature of 100.3 degrees or higher upon arrival to the facility, they will be isolated in their vehicle.
    • If they are an athlete, parents will be called, and if no vehicle is available, they will be put in a designated isolated area away from others until a parent/guardian can pick them up. 
    • They will be given the Spectrum Health Experiencing Symptoms Form which is included at the bottom of this document.
  • A participant who is found to be ill, must present a WRITTEN clearance from a physician in order to return to workouts.